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Shopping for my baby boys clothes used to make me blue.

I would hunt tirelessly for not only a good deal on boys clothing, but the finest brands I could find.

I bought far too many boys clothing items over the years, as I would grab any good high-fashion garment I could find whenever I saw it. Now that my son is more than old enough to speak, turns out his favorite color happens to be blue as well.  Naturally, as blues is also another word for boys clothes or jeans, LilBoysBlues was born.  We are selling lightly to unused baby to 10yr+ boys and girls clothes in our online Store as well as our brick and mortar at 6633 Magnolia Avenue in Riverside!

We will also be purchasing like items from shoppers who know the same quality in boys clothes that we do.  A form will be posted soon to allow submission for Selling back to LilBoysBlues.  You will receive points in our system to purchase more stuff! Brick and Mortar store coming Soon in Riverside!

-Windy J

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